I will write an update here so as not to disappoint you who follow Herkules.

And who am I, then you might well ask?

I am the Queen of Cats , thank you so much for asking!

But hey- W A I T a minute!!!

In fact I am demoted to the role of  cook and housekeeper, personal shopper and amusement arcade in our feline-icious household.  Cinderella BEFORE she went to the ball, if you get my meaning.

 Anyways, I am sooooo grateful to Herkules for allowing me keyboard time so let’s be very quiet so he stays asleep, shall we?

Shhhh! let’s be VERRY VERRY quiet and take a peek at his adorableness! Here he is fast asleeep on my Hermes scarf:

I must say he has excellent taste in fashion! Everything I buy that Herkules  approves of he IMMEDIATELY lies on top of and snuggles into! “Hmm, Mom, he says, thanks for buying me such a lovely new item for  my warderobe.”

And just look  at him here, fast asleep in a field of silk mushrooms. 

 I wonder what he is dreaming about? Perhaps the sound of little birds tweeting, or of me cooking up a favourite dish in the kitchen.

Gosh, Master and Commander opened one eye now so Cindy better scuttle off into the kitchen and pop up something fabolously tasty!

Ok, ok, let’s see. Cocktail/Baby tomatoes, in different sizes. Cut in different chunks,or just halv those. Toss a generous amount of seasalt over them and throw into a bowl. Now for the onions- Dont’ make me cry or I’ll have to reapply my darned mascara! Shallots are good, and an ordinary old  onion.

Peel, and slice, snivel, drivel.,.I would NEVER EVER have a relationship with an onion! He would turn me into a perpetual wet blanket…

Throw onions in with tomatoes. What next? I spy with my little eye oregano and basil. Fresh pots f the stuff . Tear the leaves roughly and add to the other ingredients. This oregano smells DIVINE! And BASIL is intoxicating my nostrils! WOW!

Ok, lets get back to the business at hand, shall we?

Now we need some generous amounts of black pepper, virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Let folks drbble the olive oil and vinegar over the salad as they please.

What’s in the larder? Oh, here is some lovely wholemeal bread to mop up the dressing with.

And did I hear you mention cheese? Here is some cheddar, and some goaty stuff.  Satisfied?

Yes, Herkules darling, dinner is served. You LOVE cheese and tomatoes so this should go down well. And you have already enjoyed some magic mushrooms , haven’t you?

Byeee, folks, Cinderella’s gonna eat now. And stay MUM about my playing with the keyboard, will ya?

I wanna see Herk’s face when he sees what I have been up too! LOL!


Queen of Cats


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