Loook at this, guys!

This my friends, SAYS IT ALL!!! 

H O W  am I supposed to be the  world’s most successful feline blogger if my latop gets hijacked by my black and white brother?

Not enough that my MOM lays her paws on the laptopper for hours on end, now CHARLIE CHARMING has discovered that it’s a lovely place to SNOOZE for hours and hours, warming his little furry belly in the process?

What shall I DOOO?I IZ most fed up!

I thought I had a good thing going here with my nice little space, doing my own thing, letting off steam and honouring you guys , my loyal followesr with my BRILLIANT PRIVATE THOUGHTS  on this that and t’other……

And now Charlie Chaplin, the great entertainer, decides to plonk himself all over MY SPACE!


I will transform myself into BAST- the powerful cat God of ancient Egypt! 

” Cats of royalty were, in some instances, known to be dressed in golden jewelry and were allowed to eat from their owners’ plates.”

Hehehe! I like this!

PLAYTIME, CHARLIE! There is Royalty in Da House!



I feel a  V E R Y wide and wicked Cheshire cat grin coming along!

Charlie, WAIT FOR IT!





But- above all  My Laptop is MINE!




Smooth Criminal Invader


Get off MY site,

MY blog,

MY special place on the web!

TWICE you have taken advantage of me having my M O S T well deserved Apres- New Year vacation!

Darling MOM, I spend my days keeping you inspired and out of dreadful trubble  and nights keeping you warm and providing you with sweetest of dreams-

And THIS IS HOW you repay me?



 a Smooth Criminal

on MY site!

AND this is the THANX I get


I am shocked and disgusted by you, you foul space invader!

I will banish you to another GALAXY at once!

Hokus-Purriokus! Sim-Sala-Bim!


But wait a minute-

I ONLY banish you from here- not from OUR HOME!

I LOVE and NEED my housekeeper, my Cinderella, my leopard in disguise!

MOMSY darling,  actually I find The Smooth Criminal a pretty cool cat for a human- so here you can enjoy him strutting his stuff….


No, that’s N O T  him! Who IS IT  who is invading my space THIS time?

I bet it’s some dude who thinks he will fool me with his invsible lurking on here! Begone, you smirking lurking, slithering SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSNAKE!!!

Here is the ONE AND ONLY  Smooth Criminal!



Hmmm, have to admit he’s got rather good paw control, actually…

Think I might practise the LEAN when nobody’s watching LOL!!! Impress my MOM LOL!

And MOMSY- of course I L.O.V.E. YOU MORE than cupboard love.




PS. I want my dinner now- MY BELLY SAYS IT’S CHICKEN TIME!











A Little Lunar Tune

I am back  AGAIN!! Yes, it’s the QUEEN OF CATS aka Herkules’ Mom !


 I thought I’d make the most of it and post a little poem here. It is dedicated to my great inspiration Michael Jackson. And I know Herkules wont mind as he is also a MOONWALKER….

Copyright 2010
All Rights Reserved by
Titania James

Dangling feet off a crescent moon
Man in the mirror,
gone too soon
I know you,
You know me,
Soulmates together
Merry Michaeling forever

Black sock, red sock,
Tick tock, tick tock,
Remember the time frock

A pair of mismatching socks
When Applehead rocks
That familiar pose
On his toes

Wandering in the dark,
tribute moonwalk in the park,
I smile because you see
My socks of different hue
Unite you and me
In a cosmic lunar melody

Man in the mirror,
Gone too soon
I know you,
You know me,
Soulmates together
Merry Michaeling forever

And  PHOTO  of me and MJ , each of us together with a beautiful kitty cat!

That should P L E A S E you, Herkules!



Queen of Cats



I will write an update here so as not to disappoint you who follow Herkules.

And who am I, then you might well ask?

I am the Queen of Cats , thank you so much for asking!

But hey- W A I T a minute!!!

In fact I am demoted to the role of  cook and housekeeper, personal shopper and amusement arcade in our feline-icious household.  Cinderella BEFORE she went to the ball, if you get my meaning.

 Anyways, I am sooooo grateful to Herkules for allowing me keyboard time so let’s be very quiet so he stays asleep, shall we?

Shhhh! let’s be VERRY VERRY quiet and take a peek at his adorableness! Here he is fast asleeep on my Hermes scarf:

I must say he has excellent taste in fashion! Everything I buy that Herkules  approves of he IMMEDIATELY lies on top of and snuggles into! “Hmm, Mom, he says, thanks for buying me such a lovely new item for  my warderobe.”

And just look  at him here, fast asleep in a field of silk mushrooms. 

 I wonder what he is dreaming about? Perhaps the sound of little birds tweeting, or of me cooking up a favourite dish in the kitchen.

Gosh, Master and Commander opened one eye now so Cindy better scuttle off into the kitchen and pop up something fabolously tasty!

Ok, ok, let’s see. Cocktail/Baby tomatoes, in different sizes. Cut in different chunks,or just halv those. Toss a generous amount of seasalt over them and throw into a bowl. Now for the onions- Dont’ make me cry or I’ll have to reapply my darned mascara! Shallots are good, and an ordinary old  onion.

Peel, and slice, snivel, drivel.,.I would NEVER EVER have a relationship with an onion! He would turn me into a perpetual wet blanket…

Throw onions in with tomatoes. What next? I spy with my little eye oregano and basil. Fresh pots f the stuff . Tear the leaves roughly and add to the other ingredients. This oregano smells DIVINE! And BASIL is intoxicating my nostrils! WOW!

Ok, lets get back to the business at hand, shall we?

Now we need some generous amounts of black pepper, virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Let folks drbble the olive oil and vinegar over the salad as they please.

What’s in the larder? Oh, here is some lovely wholemeal bread to mop up the dressing with.

And did I hear you mention cheese? Here is some cheddar, and some goaty stuff.  Satisfied?

Yes, Herkules darling, dinner is served. You LOVE cheese and tomatoes so this should go down well. And you have already enjoyed some magic mushrooms , haven’t you?

Byeee, folks, Cinderella’s gonna eat now. And stay MUM about my playing with the keyboard, will ya?

I wanna see Herk’s face when he sees what I have been up too! LOL!


Queen of Cats