Sleeping Beauty


I hoep you have all enjoyed The Christmas palaver!

Well, Christmas has of course BEEN and GONE and I have actually had a really good time. APART  from wearing a silly red hat with an even siller white round ball attached to it! I am posting a picture of another kitty  modelling this hat  as I refuse to show myself in such wickedly unattractive attire:

See his expression of digust?`Yes, this is EXACTERLEY how I feel about this stupid outfit! My mom put one of these red and white things on her head  too- on Christmas Day when she was handing out our pressies. She called herself “Mrs Claus” – CAN YOU IMAGINE!!! That’s what wearing one of those  silly hats does to you- turns your head so you think you are someone competely different! “Mrs Claus indeed”! Well, “Mr Claus” can beat it and find himself a wife elsewhere coz our Mom is already otherwise engaged! Luckily she is back to being our MOM again so the lunacy was just temporary…And of course she gave us all some real nice pressies…

And some lovely roast turkey with some yummy gravy….


So it was quite pleasant actually…..

One real grand thing about Christmas and the holidays is that we can have loooooooong lie ins in the mornings. Our Mom is on vacation so she does not have to rush up at the crack of dawn to rush off to work. It is the BEST Christmas pressie of all to snuggle up in bed with my mom and sleep and sleep and sleep! And I just read on the Internet that sleep is one of the BEST beauty treatments in the world. And of course one of the cheapest!!! So I think that the phrase “Sleeping beauty” means sleeping yourself more beautiful or handsome.

Of course I am already a VERY handsome cat boy already! But when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror right now I wondered who that strikingly attractive cat was!

Guess what?

It was ME!

Honestly- I WON’T RECOGNIZE MYSELF by the end of ths vacation! I will become a babe magnet! SelmaViktoria will get crazy in love and so will my Mom! Not to mention all my female readers here!

Hihihiiiii! I am really looking forward to my magical effect on all you birds- and imagine that it will  simply due to being a “SLEEPING BEAUTY”!



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