Hi all ye faithfuls!

Sorry for the delay in updating  but I have been kept pretty darned busy on these dark and short December days! Appart from sleeping, eating and taking care of my mom I have been kept on my paws with other stuff that has been going on… You know, the INVASION of the Christmas decorations!

YES -this is the time of year when boxes are being dug out of storage spaces and lots of really strange objects keep coming out of the woodwork. It is VERY important that  Charlie, Selma and myself  keep an eye on what is going on so that we are not taken by suprise by the anticks of a silly wooden snowman or a nasty looking gnome with a sack of something on his back! And then there is an armada of reindeer that we have to keep occupied so that they don’t start flying through the windowpane up into the sky. Ho-ho-ho guys, no flying until Christmas Day! That is when Santa will be needing you to help him get around in his sleigh with all those interesting boxes covered in paper and strng! Pressies are just begging to be opened ASAP, don’t you agree???But I suppose we must be patient and wait for Santa to deliver. BIG YAAAAAAWN!

BTW I have had to start pep-talking one of those reindeer. His name is Rudolph and he has very poor self confidence so I have been having lots of chats with him -in the dark as he is very shy. I have got BIG plans for him so keep your paws crossed that I will get him to kick some butt! SOON, very SOON!

Now what I really wanted to write about here- move over from the keyboard now,MOM- is a strange bottle right here on the desk. It is filled with something so disgusting that I can hardly bear to write about it. Yes, it is truly DISGUSTING, Mom!!!!

Whatever is in the bottle, you are of course wondering! I will give you a clue- Glue!

Have you ever heard of Glue wine? I hope you have because I hope that my mom is not totally alone in being insane enough to drink and even SMILE when she is drinking the stuff. Pleeese let other moms and dads do this so that I can hold my whiskers high again

SO- do you recognize this bottle?

The liquid inside this bottle is totally and utterly DISGUSTING! I thought that mom had pretty good taste in food and drink ( with a few tiny exceptions) but now I have changed my mind. Miaaaaaaaaaaauuuu! Miauuuuuuuuu! Miauuuuuuuuu! Yes, I keep telling her with my voice and even slapping her with my paw! But she ignores my protests and even looks  pleased when she lifts the glass to her lips. I am worried she might get poisoned but after 5 bottles she seems pretty ok. I  mean as far as humans can ever be ok…..

On top of everything the glue wine is to be drank warm! And when my mom puts it into a saucepan on the stove and it starts  getting hot  the whole appartment suddenly smells of strange spices and alcohol. Yes, my whole body shudders as I write these words.

Please, mom, don’t you understand that Water is the best thing in the world to drink?COOL WATER is a fantastic delicious drink. It makes you bright, sparkly and beautiful.  When will you learn that cats know best when it comes to culinary matters?

Cheers, felines, I am off for a nice long drink of lovely fresh water. I need to revive my spirits after seeing my mom sitting on the coach looking happy with have’t got a clue wine!



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