A little tribute to MJ

My mom wrote this little tribute to Michael Jackson and I am putting it on my blog because I like the idea that MJ might have transformed himself into a horse instead of the usual panther. Less scary for me LOL! I think it is funny with him dancing in the moonlight and I feel that I like the dude in dressage mode!
Go, MJ, Go!!!
 Copyright 2010 All rights reserved by Titania James

Blue moon shines down upon a tree
Dude on branch looks up and “See”,
he winks and thinks :
“someone in the dark for me!”

Happy moonshine hugs the tree
and dude with tune
starts drumming Speechless
and a bit of Gone too soon!

Horse with glittery socks
Starts to rock and trot,
dancing and twirling in the round-
Someone that was lost is now found.
But such a surprise-
this sensual disguise!

Horse mimes and leans and prances
performing many Off the Wall dances,
A speechless canter,
A breakdance until dawn.
Then he dips his hat and hiccups:
“Hey, moonshine , your butt is mine!
For all time!”


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