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I went to bed and slept- and woke up to a W H I T E  world!

I am lying in the window on my soft white cushions looking out on a winter wonderland.  It is midday and the sun is busy shining and the snow is glittering. It looks very beautiful- and magical!

BUT- I am soooo grateful and pleeesed to be an indoor guy when it is W-I-N-T-E-R! And so is my cat family! SelmaViktoria had to go and have her photograph taken earlier today  and she said it was not NICE being outdoors when you were used to a warm and snuggly apartment. She boasted about how warm and cosy it was inside her bag where she sat wrapped in a woollen cardigan and muffler- but I caught her shivering a bit when she and my MOM returned.

I love having my photograph taken- I am a natural in front of the camera. But I demand that the photographer comes to my place so I don’t have to go outside. I am a true professional if allowed to pose at casa mia. I guess you all know what I am talking about.

I suppose you felines are interested in how Selma’s photo session went….Well, my MOM will be a guest on here later this month so she will tell you all about it. The photos will be  arriving any day now so it will be fun to take a peak. Without SelmaViktoria catching me sneak peaking- OF COURSE!!!

Magical winter wonderland means seeing but not touching. Keeping my paws safely indoors and avoiding horrid cold draughts from windows and doors. It means dark and long and lovely mornings  in my MOM’s bed, snuggling up under the covers and snoozing happily all the way to Neverland.

And soon it will be Christmas giftie time. 

Because winter wonderland means loads  of parcels, wrapping paper, string and cuddly toys.

I think Santa loves me to bits- and I can’t blame him. After all, I am really and truly adorable, don’t you guys agree?






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