WE have a ghost in our house! Yes, a SINGING and MOONWALKING one.

Wears a strange hat, white sparklesocks and sometimes gold pj’s!

Yes, the guy IS a ghost  and we think his name is



Heard of him, guys? The GLOVED ONE???


For the most part the ghost  is invisible BUT  he is a large part of our life. So it is fortunate that I am slightly partial to a bit of MJ magic myself!

We ususally start off the day with him singing “Hold my Paaaaaw” in me and my mom’s ear.


Nice groove to wake to, right?

When he starts singing I give a huge and leisurely yawn and think “Breakfast”! Then I climb on top of mom’s chest and stare at her so intently that within minutes she opens her eyes and eases sloooowly but surely out of bed , heading for the kitchen. Thank you, Michael, a good team effort on our part! 

My mom does a lot of what she calls “Michaeling” together with this ghostly guy. She listens to him singing and dances around on the carpet with huge earphones and a silly grin on her face. Sometimes she just lies flat out on the carpet SINGING “tHE wAY yOU mAKE mE FEEL” with my brother Charlie cuddling up to her. I think Charlie Chaplin is a bit of a fan too as he also gets this silly spaced out look on his face as Michael hiccups his way thru ” I am alive and I am here forever”.

What really makes me like this guy though is the fact that I have a photo of him together with a kittty cat. He may have a human nature but his power comes from being a feline within. And the little kitty here seems to really like him otherwise he would get a taste of scratching paws… 

His voice really  pleases my sensitive feline ears.  And I LOVE it when he sings about butterflies : I start dreaming about chasing them and dancing around with my paws in the air, trying to catch one or two, round and round I dance in the gentle warm sunlight hehehe!!!


But Michael, dude, remember that you come WAY down on the list that I come top of.

 YOU may be The King of Pop but a cat will stare at a King- and  ALWAYS Win!


Shhhhhhh! I hear some Hiccups coming from In The Closet! Poor Ghost- he must be trapped. I must dash and set him free.

I recommend you felines to do some Michaeling! SERIOUSLY!

Dude’s definately got IT factor!




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