Whoever thought of that saying? A big cat like a leopard  would not change its spots?!!! OF COURSE it changes its spots so it can hide and jump suddenly out of the shadows- just like I and Selma and Charlie do!

Ridiculous and untrue- as so many other birdbrained sayings…

And we three felines are soooooo proooud to reveal that we have a BIG SPOTTED CAT in our home- disguised as the housekeeper! Yes, her spots are very well hidden- but they are there and the DO come out on special occasions! IN SPADES!

And we are really proud of our mom and her powers to hide and come forward, hide and come forward, hide and come forward. And we never know which role she will play.

So how did we three cats discover that our Mom is a big cat in disguise? Well, she did a Power Animal test on the Internet- and by chance I found out about on Mom’s laptop. She left  a trace….

Typical humans- they think they have some great power inside. If they had  all this power why do they want to work as housekeepers for us felines?  I grant you that our mom is a pretty smart gal, unusually S M A R T for a two-legged creature who wears heels and covers her paws with gloves! OOOPs- I mean claws of course…….. 

WOW! I hear a scream and a ROAR coming from the kitchen! OMG- SelmaViktoria has stolen mom’s lunch. She has dragged the roast beef off the table and is chewing on the slices on the floor… LOL! 

I think that the LEOPARD is showing her spots!

Off to hide under the bed now…



1 thought on “LEOPARD IN DISGUISE”

  1. HERKULES- you are really getting good at this! So funny- and your mom looks fierce LOL! I wouldn’t dare to drag HER tail.

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