Just look at SelmaViktoria here! My Lady Judge in action! Deliberating-deliberating-deliberating! LOL!

I know how a judge can look because I have spent a good few hours on the couch watching some court stuff on the television. Well, it was pretty booring  actually, so I took the remote and zapped over to- YES- A COOKERY SHOW! Now there was this guy Jamie something and he was real good- he was making sardine sarnies… Heaven! Absolute heaven!

But hey, how did we go from SelmaViktoria to a major gourmet fantasie? This post was supposed to be about my sister….Sorry Selma, I will try and get back on track…. I can feel your eyes in the back of my furry neck… I iz real SCARED now! You have that LOOK again!

Selma can sit like in the photo here for hours and HOURS! And we have NO idea what she is thinking about! In fact she can look like this when she is listening to music. OR when she is snoozing off into her own secret world. I guess she could be dreaming about sitting inside a birdtable waiting for her feathered “friends ” to arrive…. Selma is crazy about black and white birds- and the bigger the better. And if they sing all the even best of better! WOW!

So FELINES, the other day I found this on YouTube.and I thought it woulod be perfect for my little sister. Sorry,Selma, I mean BIG sister of course…..


Since you LOVE music I hope you will enjoy this. Sit and grrrooove and sway your head from side to side, JUST GOIN WITH DA FLOOW! Just LOOK at these penguins! They are really musical guys- can both sing and dance so well….I never thought birdies were so talented…

I just thought they were dinner!

“naa-naa-naa-naaaa-naa-naaa take the long road home!!! take the long road home!!!”

 I think I will start taking dancing lessons and get some HAPPY FEET! After all, I simply cannot stand being outdone by a pair of birdbrains!



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