She is small, she is fast, she is fierce! She puts Mom in her place- and she even tries to put Charlie and me Herkules ( yes, indeed ) in our places… Meet SelmaViktoria, our feline sister with the look of a judge and the temper of a tiger!

You want to see what she looks like, dear reader? Well, here is a photo of a harmless looking tortoiseshell cat lady!

Well, this angelic little cat is SelmaViktoria, our sister. Mine and Charlie Chaplin’s big sister.

Butter would not melt in her mouth now would it? But hey,  that is exactly what butter does because Selma ADORES butter. If our Mom opens the fridge door Selma is behind her looking over Mom’s shoulder expecting either a bit of butter on her plate or a slice of Cheddar cheese or two.  She gets more and more excited and starts waving her paws and standing on her hind legs and swishing her little tail in excitement! LOL!

 I personally don’t go in for cheese but butter is ok. Specially when it is shaped in this interesting way:

WOW! I really wish that our Mom would ALWAYS serve her butter in this wonderful way! It really makes my mouth water… Butter heaven for cats!

Selma also loves money. The paper kind. She rolls around in the money and even chews a bit off the corners to really show her liking for it! I think she has a great attitude. I love cash too. And with cash you can buy so many lovely things to eat and lie on and to wear! But not if you chew money up. I must talk to Selma about this so she understands. She is really very irresponsible- all play and no work , this little sister of mine!

Wait- she is at my Mom’s wallet! MOM- come quickly- Selma is almost out on a spending spree. Could be very expensive……






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