I was born on the 8th of July. So this makes me a crab! LOL! According to a-stair-ology…you climb up a ladder and ask the stars!Well, I wanted to find out what these crabby types were like- and this is what I found:

If you’ve ever been in Love and can’t quite stop looking at the one you Love, then this is how Cancer cat feels about you. It may appear as though this cat is asleep, but the minute you turn your back, they are Lovingly staring at you again. Wherever Cancer Cat chooses to lay their head, they will always have a clear view of you.

Much like their human counterparts, they are very nurturing, maternal, Loving and extremely cuddley. Their desire to be near you is about taking care of you and your needs. They seek to give you Love and in return they receive Love, so in a sense, it is all about Cancer cat receiving Love. This cat will need so much Love, affection and attention that if you deny them their goal, they will probably pout and give you the cold shoulder. Cancer put the “p” in the word pout!

Cancer cat has probably two favorite places to lay. One place may be secluded where they can go into their shell and be alone, especially if they are pouting. The other place is where they can keep one eye gazing at you. If Cancer cat suddenly meows loudly while looking at you, they are saying to you, “I Love You!”

So true, so true. I LOVE astrology. It  describes Herkules to an “H”! ALMOST! REMEMBER I am a mystery cat LOL!

And MOM -P-L-E-E-S-E  pay special attention to this part!  It was written specially for you!

How can you help your Cancer cat?

Talk to your Cancer cat and show them lots of Love and affection. Remember, they are giving you what they seek for themselves (Love).

o now u know a bit more about me and my lovely personality. I agrre with most of the stuff written here but i am amazed that there was nothing about the crabby cat and his love of FOOD! Even fruit and veggies-specially apricots and tomatos!

Must try and find something to eat now! While keeping an eye on MOM, of course!



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