WE have a ghost in our house! Yes, a SINGING and MOONWALKING one.

Wears a strange hat, white sparklesocks and sometimes gold pj’s!

Yes, the guy IS a ghost  and we think his name is



Heard of him, guys? The GLOVED ONE???


For the most part the ghost  is invisible BUT  he is a large part of our life. So it is fortunate that I am slightly partial to a bit of MJ magic myself!

We ususally start off the day with him singing “Hold my Paaaaaw” in me and my mom’s ear.


Nice groove to wake to, right?

When he starts singing I give a huge and leisurely yawn and think “Breakfast”! Then I climb on top of mom’s chest and stare at her so intently that within minutes she opens her eyes and eases sloooowly but surely out of bed , heading for the kitchen. Thank you, Michael, a good team effort on our part! 

My mom does a lot of what she calls “Michaeling” together with this ghostly guy. She listens to him singing and dances around on the carpet with huge earphones and a silly grin on her face. Sometimes she just lies flat out on the carpet SINGING “tHE wAY yOU mAKE mE FEEL” with my brother Charlie cuddling up to her. I think Charlie Chaplin is a bit of a fan too as he also gets this silly spaced out look on his face as Michael hiccups his way thru ” I am alive and I am here forever”.

What really makes me like this guy though is the fact that I have a photo of him together with a kittty cat. He may have a human nature but his power comes from being a feline within. And the little kitty here seems to really like him otherwise he would get a taste of scratching paws… 

His voice really  pleases my sensitive feline ears.  And I LOVE it when he sings about butterflies : I start dreaming about chasing them and dancing around with my paws in the air, trying to catch one or two, round and round I dance in the gentle warm sunlight hehehe!!!


But Michael, dude, remember that you come WAY down on the list that I come top of.

 YOU may be The King of Pop but a cat will stare at a King- and  ALWAYS Win!


Shhhhhhh! I hear some Hiccups coming from In The Closet! Poor Ghost- he must be trapped. I must dash and set him free.

I recommend you felines to do some Michaeling! SERIOUSLY!

Dude’s definately got IT factor!







Whoever thought of that saying? A big cat like a leopard  would not change its spots?!!! OF COURSE it changes its spots so it can hide and jump suddenly out of the shadows- just like I and Selma and Charlie do!

Ridiculous and untrue- as so many other birdbrained sayings…

And we three felines are soooooo proooud to reveal that we have a BIG SPOTTED CAT in our home- disguised as the housekeeper! Yes, her spots are very well hidden- but they are there and the DO come out on special occasions! IN SPADES!

And we are really proud of our mom and her powers to hide and come forward, hide and come forward, hide and come forward. And we never know which role she will play.

So how did we three cats discover that our Mom is a big cat in disguise? Well, she did a Power Animal test on the Internet- and by chance I found out about on Mom’s laptop. She left  a trace….

Typical humans- they think they have some great power inside. If they had  all this power why do they want to work as housekeepers for us felines?  I grant you that our mom is a pretty smart gal, unusually S M A R T for a two-legged creature who wears heels and covers her paws with gloves! OOOPs- I mean claws of course…….. 

WOW! I hear a scream and a ROAR coming from the kitchen! OMG- SelmaViktoria has stolen mom’s lunch. She has dragged the roast beef off the table and is chewing on the slices on the floor… LOL! 

I think that the LEOPARD is showing her spots!

Off to hide under the bed now…







Just look at SelmaViktoria here! My Lady Judge in action! Deliberating-deliberating-deliberating! LOL!

I know how a judge can look because I have spent a good few hours on the couch watching some court stuff on the television. Well, it was pretty booring  actually, so I took the remote and zapped over to- YES- A COOKERY SHOW! Now there was this guy Jamie something and he was real good- he was making sardine sarnies… Heaven! Absolute heaven!

But hey, how did we go from SelmaViktoria to a major gourmet fantasie? This post was supposed to be about my sister….Sorry Selma, I will try and get back on track…. I can feel your eyes in the back of my furry neck… I iz real SCARED now! You have that LOOK again!

Selma can sit like in the photo here for hours and HOURS! And we have NO idea what she is thinking about! In fact she can look like this when she is listening to music. OR when she is snoozing off into her own secret world. I guess she could be dreaming about sitting inside a birdtable waiting for her feathered “friends ” to arrive…. Selma is crazy about black and white birds- and the bigger the better. And if they sing all the even best of better! WOW!

So FELINES, the other day I found this on YouTube.and I thought it woulod be perfect for my little sister. Sorry,Selma, I mean BIG sister of course…..


Since you LOVE music I hope you will enjoy this. Sit and grrrooove and sway your head from side to side, JUST GOIN WITH DA FLOOW! Just LOOK at these penguins! They are really musical guys- can both sing and dance so well….I never thought birdies were so talented…

I just thought they were dinner!

“naa-naa-naa-naaaa-naa-naaa take the long road home!!! take the long road home!!!”

 I think I will start taking dancing lessons and get some HAPPY FEET! After all, I simply cannot stand being outdone by a pair of birdbrains!





She is small, she is fast, she is fierce! She puts Mom in her place- and she even tries to put Charlie and me Herkules ( yes, indeed ) in our places… Meet SelmaViktoria, our feline sister with the look of a judge and the temper of a tiger!

You want to see what she looks like, dear reader? Well, here is a photo of a harmless looking tortoiseshell cat lady!

Well, this angelic little cat is SelmaViktoria, our sister. Mine and Charlie Chaplin’s big sister.

Butter would not melt in her mouth now would it? But hey,  that is exactly what butter does because Selma ADORES butter. If our Mom opens the fridge door Selma is behind her looking over Mom’s shoulder expecting either a bit of butter on her plate or a slice of Cheddar cheese or two.  She gets more and more excited and starts waving her paws and standing on her hind legs and swishing her little tail in excitement! LOL!

 I personally don’t go in for cheese but butter is ok. Specially when it is shaped in this interesting way:

WOW! I really wish that our Mom would ALWAYS serve her butter in this wonderful way! It really makes my mouth water… Butter heaven for cats!

Selma also loves money. The paper kind. She rolls around in the money and even chews a bit off the corners to really show her liking for it! I think she has a great attitude. I love cash too. And with cash you can buy so many lovely things to eat and lie on and to wear! But not if you chew money up. I must talk to Selma about this so she understands. She is really very irresponsible- all play and no work , this little sister of mine!

Wait- she is at my Mom’s wallet! MOM- come quickly- Selma is almost out on a spending spree. Could be very expensive……







I was born on the 8th of July. So this makes me a crab! LOL! According to a-stair-ology…you climb up a ladder and ask the stars!Well, I wanted to find out what these crabby types were like- and this is what I found:

If you’ve ever been in Love and can’t quite stop looking at the one you Love, then this is how Cancer cat feels about you. It may appear as though this cat is asleep, but the minute you turn your back, they are Lovingly staring at you again. Wherever Cancer Cat chooses to lay their head, they will always have a clear view of you.

Much like their human counterparts, they are very nurturing, maternal, Loving and extremely cuddley. Their desire to be near you is about taking care of you and your needs. They seek to give you Love and in return they receive Love, so in a sense, it is all about Cancer cat receiving Love. This cat will need so much Love, affection and attention that if you deny them their goal, they will probably pout and give you the cold shoulder. Cancer put the “p” in the word pout!

Cancer cat has probably two favorite places to lay. One place may be secluded where they can go into their shell and be alone, especially if they are pouting. The other place is where they can keep one eye gazing at you. If Cancer cat suddenly meows loudly while looking at you, they are saying to you, “I Love You!”

So true, so true. I LOVE astrology. It  describes Herkules to an “H”! ALMOST! REMEMBER I am a mystery cat LOL!

And MOM -P-L-E-E-S-E  pay special attention to this part!  It was written specially for you!

How can you help your Cancer cat?

Talk to your Cancer cat and show them lots of Love and affection. Remember, they are giving you what they seek for themselves (Love).

o now u know a bit more about me and my lovely personality. I agrre with most of the stuff written here but i am amazed that there was nothing about the crabby cat and his love of FOOD! Even fruit and veggies-specially apricots and tomatos!

Must try and find something to eat now! While keeping an eye on MOM, of course!




Hi there, feline folks!

It is getting on for MIDNIGHT and I am real real tired! I ought to be in bed getting my beauty sleep. But it is not until NOW that I have managed to get to the keyboard. Why? Because my mom has had the au-da-city to sit in front of MY laptop ALL evening!  Together with that Michael guy who keeps filliing her ears with CRAZY sounds and messages.It feels real good that Michael whatsit is very far from here or he would be a serious rival for my Queen of Hearts.Mind you, one look from my slanting green eyes and he would run and hide somewhere very very far from here, I can tell you. IS THAT SCARY FOR YA, DUDE? Of course it is…

Hehehe! There you go, MJ. You weren’t exactly counting 0n an encounter with a feline superhero with TWO gloves, now were you? YOU ought to have gotten yourself a PAIR whie you were at it, strutting that Billie Jean stuff and all. Your house must be full of mismatching gloves , come to think of it.

Glad to have gotten that load off my furry chest.Phew! Oh, nooooooo. I see one of my gloves is a bit dirty. Must have gotten some tomato sauce on it. We had sardines in tomato sauce for dinner. Yummy! Bother though, gertting some sauce on my glove. I want to be spotless!

Oh my whiskers! If i haven’t got some tomato sauce on the keyboard! Not good – must remove the evidence before my mom wises up to my nocturnal tapping.