This is my profession! But please don’t get scared- at least not until you have read a bit more…


I have natural leadership skills but I am a gentle soul under my furry coat of arms! I run my household with a gentle paw and see to it that justice rules. I am top cat and I love being in a position to aid my mom and to guide her in the right direction.

For instance , I do not approve when my sister SelmaViktoria raises her voice to my mom. So i come to my mom’s aid and Selma simply slides along te wall, making herself as small and grey as possible to aviod my hypnotic green gaze. And my mom always praises me- and I also get a little tasty titbit for my efforts! Titbits are the true way to my heart. I love food but I also love my wonderful mom!

Do I wear a uniform I hear one of you readers ask+ No, I certainly do not. There is no need as I am a natural leader of two-legged and four-legged creatures. I use my smooth body language and my sophisticated cues work wonders all around.

My gosh, this blog business is certainly keeping me busy. But it is so much fun, even though it takes time from my favourite hobbies of sleeping and eating. Come to think of it , I a beginning to feel slightly peckish now!

Heloooo.I hear Charlie Chaplin my black and white brother crunching his teeth on something in the dining room. Must dash!

See ya later!

And don’t forget to comment!





2 thoughts on “MASTER & COMMANDER”

  1. It was not a fish bone- it was ADVANCE Duck and Rice for gourmet cats.
    Mmmm, these pellets are real tasty! But want some roast chicken for later so must send the housekeeper out to do the shopping.

    Bojangles-are u a cute lady cat? Photo coming soon perhaps?
    I am very handsome, don’t you think?

    Huggles Herkules

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